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Warne North Carolina is a small rural community in the Brasstown township of Clay County. The rugged mountains and natural beauty have molded the people of the area, and created an atmosphere of creativity and friendliness. Heritage is celebrated in every aspect of daily life. The town square has been revitalized and made into a museum that sits at the center of town. Agritourism has become popular in the area, so that farmers not only sell their goods, but the experience of farming. The mountains create beautiful homesites with views of the surrounding valleys and mountains, with each site offering new and unique views and perspectives. When driving through Warne, you will see a general store and gas station, a couple of shops and art studios, maybe the post office, and perfect beautiful Mother Nature, with her display being proudly accentuated. Small town is almost an understatement in terms of hustle and bustle, but the quaint little town is beautiful and unique and a like a breath of fresh air in a world that has greatly lost its sense of individuality. Within these peaceful green hills lies the John C. Campbell Folk School, which has been operating here since 1925. Year round the school offers a unique combination of rich history, serene mountain surroundings, and an atmosphere of living and learning together. Week long courses in about 860 different skills are taught, from basketry to writing, and at all different skill levels. This experience is truly unique to this school, and the setting is absolutely perfect for it. If you’ve dreamed of peaceful, true small town life, maybe Warne is the place for you.

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Bill Barnett

Without Rick’s patience and ability to make the deal work the closing would have never taken place. I would strongly recommend Rick as an agent that can get the job done. If I ever had another need for a Real Estate Broker in the North Georgia Area

Fenn Little

Thank you for your professional and courteous help with the sale…I can hardly believe that you were able to get a contract on the property hand have the sale closed in less than 90 days from the listing. That is a testimony to your skills, hard wor